TopClean 60 Multi-Washer

TopClean 60 Safe, hygienic and economical, the TopClean 60 multi-washer gets just about anything clean, from washbowls and operating theatre boots to children's toys. Please Contact Us For Further Information.
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TopClean 60
Top-notch standards of hygiene and safety are absolutely essential in hospital wards and care homes. That’s why the new TopClean 60 multi-washer is designed to clean and disinfect just about anything you might find on a ward. From wash basins, trays and vases to operating theatre boots and even children’s toys, this all-round washer-disinfector offers a simple, fast and reliable means of getting things perfectly clean. With the option of choosing between thermal or chemo-thermal disinfection, you can also wash heat-sensitive materials such as operating theatre boots thoroughly and hygienically. The innovative TopClean 60 multi-washer is the perfect way to meet hygiene requirements while simultaneously fulfilling work safety guidelines and leveraging maximum value from your investment. It can be used to clean and disinfect equipment and utensils fast and hygienically in a wide range of settings – from hospitals and nurseries to beauty salons. Dimensions (W x Hmin x D) 600 x 1340 x 600 mm Entry height 420 mm Basket dimensions 500 x 500 mm (540 x 50 mm Programme cycle 360 / 480 / 450 s ,abhängig vom Erreichen des A0-Wertes (3. Programmlaufzeit mit Wasserwechsel s Rack capacity/h (theoretical) 10 / 7 / 8 racks/h Wash pump 0.55 kW / 3.20 A Tank filling 11,0 l Rinse water volume 2,6 liters/cycle Tank heating 4.00 kW / 8.70 A Protection class of the machine IP X5
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