Commercial Kitchen Design

Having trouble setting up your hotel or restaurant kitchen? GSA Equipment can assist you. We recognise that each food service operation is different and works distinctively. Our team of commercial kitchen consultants can help you set up a customised commercial kitchen that meets the essential standards of efficiency, quality, and compliance.


Our Commercial Kitchen Designers in Sydney are aligned with understanding the vast necessities of kitchen design and advising on our expertise to get the right design. Our team of professional kitchen design experts has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the food service industry and stay up to date on the newest industry trends, allowing us to provide you with the best possible solution that matches your demands.

Our Methods of Delivery

Creating a successful commercial kitchen design layout requires design concepts, and the individual kitchen components must be combined efficiently, both operational and pricing. Our expertise includes determining the specific requirements of cold storage, dishwashing, vertical and horizontal service movements, and planning the layout and design of the kitchen with the latest food service concepts, including commissary, bakery & confectionary, finishing kitchens, cold kitchens, and service bars.


We collaborate to produce end-to-end kitchen planning for hotels, restaurants, and other food services organisations. We perform everything for our clients that fall under the kitchen planning and consultation category, from conceiving the kitchen layout planning and counseling to putting up a remotely-managed kitchen setup. Here's how we go about putting together a commercial kitchen for a client:

  • Determining the client's requirements
  • Creating a plan for the kitchen
  • Taking Plumbing and Heating Requirements into Account
  • Considering Lighting Alternatives
  • Material selection for the kitchen
  • Choosing the correct kitchen appliances

Why should you choose us?

Grahm Solutions has become the favored choice for businesses seeking custom commercial kitchen design solutions for their food service business throughout the years in Sydney. We work with some of the industry's top names.
If you're still on the fence, consider the following arguments to help you decide:

  • Customised Kitchen Solutions
  • Result-Oriented
  • Quality Conscious
  • Abreast with Latest Developments
  • Cost-Effective


Do you have any questions?

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Contact us at (02)8834 4512 or mail us at info@gsaequipment.com if you have any concerns regarding Commercial Kitchen Designers and selecting the proper equipment in Sydney or if you want to learn more about our kitchen planning and consulting services.