HEPA Sterile Carts

HEPACARTS are a mobile segregation unit that helps maintain or do contract work that needs to be done on ceilings inside facilities by filtering the unnecessary particle that try to contaminate an area. HEPA Sterile Carts are a filter that helps filter out dust, particles, and pathogens, so that efficient work on ceilings can be conducted in hospitals and other sanitary locations. HEPA Sterile Carts are handmade units designed in Australia by Grahm Solutions


The HEPA Cart Strength:

    Every unit is designed handmade in Australia with a long-lasting return. When investment is made, keeping the durability factor in mind is essential for savings and output, especially healthcare.
  • Productivity
    It is very efficient in terms of easy and safe use. The cart can move anywhere efficiently. Its productivity increased to such a large extent that assembled products can be used within minutes after delivery to your place.
  • Sustainability
    It decreases a lot of money to be invested in construction work. Hepa Sterile Cart can reduce the extra cost of wood, plastic, and drywall at the processing time of maintenance and improvement projects. Its construction is made to eradicate the ejection materials of non-recyclable waste.
  • Safety
    It is well designed and structured to keep the safety of patients and its operating workers under a non-risky environment. It is manufactured in Australia with prime quality. Because its wholly encircled ladder platform provides users more safety when projects are over a long period, workers need to stay safely inside it.
  • Flexibility
    The process of change is widespread in the healthcare industry. But Hepa Sterile Cart gives the facility of customization with changing needs. The renovation process is always inevitable in the current unit, which can be upgraded to a new one desired in the future.
  • Aesthetics
    Hepa Cart products are designed with the common thought assumption that they are used for severe micro infection treatment and dust control by the company that buys it. The product is so much substantial and looks serious about controlling the infection.

HEPA Filters Information:


Hepa filter systems consist of two stages processes. In the first stage, pre-filter eradicates mostly large dust, particles, hair, pollen particles present in the air, PM10, etc. The second stage of the process consists of a HEPA filter, by which finer dust particles that escaped through the first stage are removed. HEPA cart uses mainly H14 class of HEPA filter to protect from PM2.5 particles suspended in the atmosphere.


Features of HEPA Sterile Carts:

 Easy in installing and can move in 90 sec
It can reach up to the 3.6-meter ceiling
It has the property of ladder locking brackets
Per wheel load capacity is 150kg
It covers from dust when the cart is kept as stored
It can easily clean metal which is rust resistance


Some of the applications of Hepa Sterile Cart

  • Dust Containment
  • Wire installation
  • Controlling infection
  • HVAC Projects
  • Electrical work
  • Surge protection
  • Fire stopping work
  • Repair work
  • Low-Voltage installation

There are many such uses of Hepa Sterile Cart and still counting on getting up-gradation day by day.


HEPA Sterile Cart (1 Person)
Dimensions Compact position (A) 2030mm
long x (B) 748mm wide , (C) Collapsed
position 1900mm, (D) Expanded position
3600mm high