M-iClean US glass and dishwasher

M-iClean US glass and dishwasher

M-iClean UM+ Dishwasher

M-iClean UM+ Dishwasher

M-iClean UM glass washer

M-iClean UM If you have a lot of washware to clean, the M-iClean UM is equipped with a rack size of 500 x 500 mm and has an entry height of 315 mm. This dishwashing machine for food service with integrated GiO module and heat recovery ensures spotless washing and drying results.
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M-iClean UM

The M-iClean UM glass washer is a valuable equipment to any dishwashing area. Cleaning large washware will not be a problem. The spacious external dimensions of 600 x 700 mm and an entry height of 315 mm make the M-iClean UM especially suited to wash any washware. The design features an LED indicator handle with a smart colour concept. One look at the M-iClean UM handle tells you exactly what it is doing. The display is also a powerful eye catcher, especially if you use the Private Label option to showcase your logo. Rack dimension 500 x 500 mm Entry height 315 mm Dimensions (W x Hmin x D) 600 x 855 x 600 mm Programme cycle 90 / 120 / 180 s Rack capacity/h (theoretical) 40 / 30 / 20 racks/h Tank filling 11,0 l Rinse water volume 2,4 liters/cycle Total connected load 6,9 kW Local fuse protection 16 A Boiler heating 6.00 kW / 8.66 A Tank heating 2.00 kW / 8.70 A Wash pump 0.50 kW / 3.64 A Protection class of the machine IP X5

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