Quramo Mobile Poultry Houses

Quramo Mobile Poultry Houses

Since 2005, Quramo have been designing and manufacturing Mobile poultry houses.

Quramo Mobile Poultry Houses are designed to provide modern accommodation for laying hens in alternative, free range and ecological farming. The henhouse is perfect for home breeding decorative hens.

As featured on Clarkson's Farm Season 2

  • Made of hot-dip galvanised steel
  • The external dimensions 2.4×6.7×2.6 m (width, length, height)
  • Area 16.08 m2
  • Complete floor – 2/3 covered with a plastic grate
  • The walls and roof – made of a 40 mm thick double-sided polyurethane sandwich panel
  • Drawbar – ball or towing eyelet; demountable, hot-dip galvanised
  • Wheels
  • Nests – possibility of placing both on short and long walls
  • Gutter system
  • Manually adjustable air inlets
  • LED lighting, with control
  • Ventilation – two ventilation inlets
  • Weight 1,200 kg

Design and mobility

The poultry house is made of hot-dip galvanised steel. The walls and roof are made of a 40 mm thick sandwich panels.

A tractor with a minimum power of 7 HP is required for transport. A garden tractor, quad bike or a car with a ball hitch will be enough. During the stoppage, the poultry house should be attached to the ground by means of screwed or hammered anchors.



            We offer 4 models of Poultry  houses.

            Q 100 (up to 100 hens),

            Q 200 (up to 200 hens), 

            Q 7 (500-2000 hens),

            Q 9 (1000-6,000 hens)


Optional accessories

  • Bell or nipple watering system
  • Hopper feeders with a capacity of 20 kg
  • Automatic closing of the nests
  • The floor is made of a 12 mm waterproof plywood
  • Emergency water tank with a capacity of 200 liters
  • Manure drawer
  • A 24V lighting system with the option of a photovoltaic power supply or an electrically opened flap
  • Possibility of a mobile control of all of the installed devices